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New Haven MA save's man's life at the gym

New Haven MA saves man's life at the gym

tori stanio 

Tori Stanio, MA

Tori Stanio, MA, of the Internal Medicine practice at 46 Prince St., was working out at a local gym when she spotted a man passed out on the treadmill. She determined that the man was in cardiac arrest and quickly began performing CPR, saving the man’s life.

“CPR education is important both in and out of a clinical setting,” said Stanio. “I can attest from firsthand experience that you never know when you will utilize this important skill and make such an impact on the life of a person and their family. Emergencies can occur in the blink of an eye and remaining calm and implementing life-saving techniques are crucial to keeping patients and those in the community safe. I think this should be a lesson learned to all businesses and professionals that CPR training is a must.”

Stanio and fellow colleagues recently participated in a CPR/BLS re-certification course. The education included spotting signs of a heart attack, choking and how to administer life-saving techniques. “Everyone who participated in the course gained a better understanding of just how crucial those first few moments of a medical emergency are to someone in need,” said Lisa Dattilo, practice supervisor. “This incident re-affirmed the critical value of CPR education. We are all so very proud of Tori.”