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At Northeast Medical Group, we have worked hard to develop primary care teams that work together to make sure you get the excellent care that you need at the time that you need it. Our highest priority is helping provide you with the opportunity to develop a long-lasting trusting relationship with a primary care clinician. In addition to your primary care clinician, learn more about other members of the care team:

  • All of our offices rely on our excellent patient service assistants (PSAs) to answer your calls, check you in at visits, make sure you get the correct appointments, and collect accurate information about you for billing and care purposes.
  • We trust our medical assistants (MAs) to escort you to the exam rooms, start to review information for the visit, obtain your vital signs, and possibly check some tests in the office when needed.
  • Many offices have nurses who help answer questions about your treatment and medications, give immunizations, and help with care between visits.
  • Care coordinators, who are licensed nurses, will typically contact you after a hospital discharge to help be sure that you have all you need in place for a smooth recovery.
  • Our preventive health coordinators (PHCs) focus their efforts on making sure that you keep up with routine preventive visits, cancer screenings, and immunizations to keep you healthy.

Increasingly some of our practices might also have other members of the team like certified diabetes educators (CDEs), helping in many of the issues around diabetes management, and clinical pharmacists, helping in some of the issues that arise with complicated regimens of medications.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine physicians are experts in diagnosing, managing and treating a wide range of conditions in adult patients.

Family Medicine

Family medicine physicians provide comprehensive health care for individual patients and families.

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Why Everyone Needs Primary Care