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Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council seeks new members for 2021

robert mitchell 

Robert Mitchell, manager, practice operations and co-chair, NEMG Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council           

The Northeast Medical Group Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Council welcomes you to join them in a new year with renewed purpose. “Hope is all around us,” said Robert Mitchell, manager, practice operations and co-chair of the NEMG DEI Council. “A new vaccine, the opportunity to be kind to others. Being available to listen to someone and show you care can turn someone’s life around. You never really know the true impact you have on those around you.”

Yale New Haven Health is taking a responsive, respectful approach that embraces a broad definition of diversity. The DEI Council supports efforts to build tangible, proactive programs that will lead to healthier outcomes for our patients and a more supportive, productive environment for our employees. 

“The NEMG Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council is a very valuable part of our organization,” said Mitchell. “Our committee is focused on making a difference to create a society that values hope over hate, faith over fear and compassion over confrontation.” 

“The qualities we are looking for in new members are a passion and willingness to advocate for change for the better within the NEMG and Yale New Haven Health community. Your voice will be heard and your opinion respected. Join us and reject indifference.” 

For information or to join, contact Robert Mitchell, 203-384-5109. 

More information is also available on the NEMG intranet.