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COVID-19 vaccination clinic at 4A Devine St. earns patient praise

On Jan. 20, the Northeast Medical Group Multispecialty Center – North Haven began welcoming patients 75 and older from all over Connecticut, to receive some of the first COVID-19 vaccinations available. Patients were able to schedule online or via the COVID-19 Call Center. As of this publication, over 2,100 COVID-19 vaccinations had been administered at the facility.

Located in the walk-in area, the vaccine clinic has generated acclaim, gratitude and awe from patients over the past few weeks. Read some of the latest testimonials here. Transitioning all walk-in visits to online appointments provided the space and exam rooms necessary to provide hundreds of vaccines weekly.

“They arrived a little bit nervous and left completely overjoyed to have received a vaccine in a comfortable and welcoming environment,” said Karen Brown, MD, medical director for primary care. “As the weeks went on, and additional sites were available, we began to see more familiar patient faces, who chose our site due to NEMG affiliation. After months of working hard and facing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, all present, including staff, clinicians and patients shared a sense of hope. The NEMG vaccine clinics are part of the greater Yale New Haven Health System vaccination initiative. Extensive planning went into workflow, safety and other operational logistics, and it has been a pleasure for all who have worked at the NEMG COVID-19 vaccine sites.”

“It has been a privilege to be able to help coordinate efforts around the vaccination clinics,” said Stephanie Beauton, associate director of operations. “With the trauma and impact that COVID-19 has had on our patients and community, having a smooth and positive patient experience, especially for the elderly, was at the top of my priority list for our clinic.”

Beauton said she and Population Health manager Maggie Shalagan, site supervisor Liz Ciurleo, and vaccine coordinator Sarah Ballough, RN, did a number of walk-throughs, weeks before the clinic to ensure every detail was covered.

“We really wanted our patients to leave their appointment impressed by the safety and quality of care that we are providing,” Beauton said.

“We are definitely having a positive impact and giving our patients an opportunity for a hopeful future,” said Shalagan.