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YNHHS launches System Medical Staff Bylaws Committee

YNHHS launches System Medical Staff Bylaws Committee

system bylaws committee 

(l-r): Kapil Desai, MD; Michele Johnson, MD; Ross Sanfilippo, DMD; Theresa Zinck-Lederer, YNHHS medical staff administration; Eugenia Vining, MD; Thomas Pellechi, MD; William Conlin, MD; Gregory Buller, MD; Kevin Torres, DO; and Harris Jacobs, MD

The inaugural meeting of the Yale New Haven Health System Medical Staff Bylaws Committee convened November 13. Chaired by Michele Johnson, MD, the committee includes representatives from each hospital in the health system. Members were selected by the respective chief medical officers to serve in this important role. The number of practitioners across YNHHS who have more than one appointment at a health system-affiliated hospital is growing exponentially. Currently, approximately 1,200 of our 6,300 practitioners hold more than one appointment.

The committee was established to develop recommendations to standardize aspects of the medical staff bylaws that will eliminate confusion in terminology and make certain straightforward administrative practices and procedures consistent for all five hospitals.

The System Bylaws Committee will communicate on a regular basis with each of the local Medical Staff Bylaws committees regarding its recommendations.

Members include: Michele Johnson, MD, chair, Yale New Haven Hospital; Gregory Buller, MD, Bridgeport Hospital; William Conlin, MD, Westerly Hospital; Kapil Desai, MD, Greenwich Hospital; Harris Jacobs, MD, Bridgeport Hospital; Thomas Pellechi, MD, Greenwich Hospital; Ross Sanfilippo, DMD, Lawrence + Memorial Hospital; Kevin Torres, DO, Lawrence + Memorial Hospital; and Eugenia Vining, MD, Yale New Haven Hospital.

If you have any questions regarding this new committee, please contact Theresa Zinck-Lederer, executive director, Medical Staff Administration, or Michele Johnson, MD, committee chair.