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CPBS honored by Mayor Michael Passero

CPBS honored by Mayor Michael Passero


New London, CT Mayor Michael Passero holds a proclamation presented to the Corporate Professional Business Services (CPBS) staff of Yale New Haven Health, in recognition of their generous community outreach to families in need over Thanksgiving

New London, Mayor Michael Passero recently visited Yale New Haven Health's Corporate Professional Business Services staff with a proclamation and personal thanks for donating “soup-to-nuts” care packages to three families in need over Thanksgiving.

“This is tremendous,” Passero said, speaking to about 40 employees at the Medical Office Building (MOB) in New London. “I’m sure you had no idea when you did this that it was going to attract so much attention, but acts of kindness and thoughtfulness, and thinking of our city and the people in our city who may not have as much as the rest of us – that deserves recognition.”

Originally planning to sponsor one family for the holiday, the CPBS team, upon hearing of three families in need, ramped up its generosity, and delivered more than just turkeys and cranberry sauce.

“Everyone pitched in and we donated breakfast, lunch, dinner – juices, snacks, cooking pans, pots, gift cards – whatever they needed and everything to make their Thanksgiving special,” said Terri Cedio, pre A/R analyst, who helped organize and deliver the donations. “The trunk of my car was full and the back seat was full up to the ceiling!”

Marlene Siegel, chair of the CPBS Charity Committee, thanked her colleagues for their big-hearted response, adding, “Everyone wanted to give. It was a team effort. And now we’re going to adopt a family for Christmas, too.”

Patrick Green, L+M Healthcare president and CEO, joined Passero, calling the generosity of CPBS an example of how L+M Healthcare and Yale New Haven Health can continue to play a more integral role in caring for its communities.

“Your efforts really set the stage for what we should be doing as an organization,” Green said. “You inspire us, and we are going to take this example back and share it throughout L+M Healthcare. Thank you on behalf of our organization. I am so proud of you.”

Sharlene Seidman, vice president, Patient Financial Services, also attended the mayor’s visit. “This newly developed team continues to impress me day after day,” she said. “They do their day jobs with a high level of success and spend their personal time finding ways to help our community. Their devotion to others in need warms my heart and makes me incredibly proud.”

Jennifer Wooley, director of professional billing, also stepped forward to thank her team. “I just want to say how proud I am,” she said. “The incredible work you do for our patients – and the incredible work you’re continuing to do for our community in extending out your generosity, love and kindness to everyone. It’s just really touching. It’s who we are, and it’s incredible work. Thank you so much!”