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YNHHS hosts flu shot clinic at Mohegan

mohegan sun flu shot clinic 

(l-r): Jean Murray and Kim Gouvin 

NEMG nurses, L+M nurse managers and health system pharmacists recently held a flu shot clinic for Mohegan team members, tribal members and their families. The clinic ran for five sessions on – Oct. 15-17 and Oct. 28 and 30 – and was held in the resort’s Earth Ballroom.

“Vaccinations are one of our strongest weapons in fighting the spread of flu,” said Katherine Reeve, MD. “We were proud to help protect the Mohegan community by making thousands of doses of flu vaccine accessible to their members across multiple days and work shifts. The more employees who get vaccinated, the fewer will suffer from flu, which can weaken the immune system’s ability to fight other threats as well. As we continue to face the global COVID-19 pandemic, limiting the spread of flu will help individuals stay healthy and reduce the burden on our health system so we can continue to stand ready to deliver world-class medical care across the region. Special thanks to the nurse managers and staff who signed up to work the flu clinics, many of whom spent part of their weekends to help serve our patients.”

Jean Murray and Kim Gouvin, patient resource coordinators, were on-site to advise attendees of opportunities to establish care in YNHHS, assist with signing up for MyChart and answer YNHHS medical benefits questions.

Additional thanks goes to Stephanie Crook, practice operation manager, and Amanda Spencer, practice supervisor, for set-up of the clinic, coordination and delivery of supplies and scheduling of the nurses. Thanks, also, to both the network and MyChart teams for ITS support.