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Reminder: Storyboard has launched

Storyboard was introduced on Sept. 13, allowing Epic users to get more information about their patients more efficiently. Part of a larger Epic upgrade, Storyboard redesigned the Epic workspace by replacing the patient header. Like the header, Storyboard follows the patient through the chart, but improves the user experience by providing quick access to key details and common tasks without switching screens.

Benefits include:

  • Storyboard repackages header data and presents it in an easy-to-review format.
  • The new layout makes better use of space on widescreen monitors, providing more detail on the screen.
  • Key information follows the patient, reducing clicks, mouse movements and screen jumps.
  • Information and tasks are tailored to each caregiver role, with critical data highlighted. For example, inpatient nurses see isolations, infections and allergies first.
  • Users can hover to review additional details and take action directly from the Storyboard. For example, primary care providers can update care gaps and social determinants of health.
  • Chart Search clearly appears up front making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

To jumpstart your Storyboard experience, listen to Insight, a podcast from ITS featuring interviews with Prem Thomas, MD, medical informatics officer; Megan Kolanovic, associate medical informatics officer; and Michael Simonov, MD, clinical informatics fellow. The link to the podcast is on the YNHHS employee intranet home page.