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Drs. Goldstein and McLean resume educational podcast series

 goldstein robert mclean 

Richard Goldstein, MD; and Robert McLean, MD

Richard Goldstein, MD, vice president and chief medical officer, NEMG, and Robert McLean, MD, NEMG medical director, Clinical Quality, recently resumed their podcast series. The physicians discuss challenges within NEMG and provide updates on ongoing COVID positivity in the community, the Epic upgrade, in-basket management and staffing. Listen to the podcast.

Earlier this year, just as the COVID-19 pandemic was looming, Drs. Goldstein and McLean started an NEMG podcast channel, originally envisioned to be a regular addition to NEMG. Two podcasts were uploaded, and were received with great feedback.

“We hope you will take a few minutes, perhaps during your ride home or in to work, to listen to it,” said Goldstein. “Dr. McLean and I are planning to resume a regular schedule of podcasts, including having some guests of interest to NEMG. Our goal is to keep everyone updated and educated so that we can deliver great care to our patients. As before, feedback is welcome.”