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Second and Third quarter S.T.A.R. Award winners

 magdalena chmura sarah derosa erica pinter maria russo matt matera

Magdalena Chmura, PSA II, CPC, CPB, CRC; Sarah DeRosa, referral coordinator; Erica Pinter, patient services; Maria Russo, patient experience consultant; and Matt Matera, business development specialist

Not pictured: Patricia LaPegna, PSA II; and Michelle Maldonado, MA

Congratulations to the winners of our second and third-quarter Special Thanks And Recognition awards, which honor employees whose behaviors align with Yale New Haven Health's Standards of Professional Behavior.

Magdalena Chmura, PSA II, CPC, CPB, CRC
Northeast Medical Group
Internal Medicine

4A Devine Street
North Haven

“Northeast Medical Group has provided me with the opportunity to work amongst a diverse group of talented professionals. COVID-19 has provided uncharted territory for our health system and I feel privileged to be a part of our team as we navigate this difficult time. The challenges that we face together motivate me to be the best that I can be. I am encouraged  by my environment and the drive our team has to deliver the best care to our patients."

Patricia LaPegna, PSA II
Northeast Medical Group
Internal Medicine

5520 Park Ave., Suite WP1-200

“I believe in treating each patient with kindness, respect and compassion. I feel better when I am able to help others. It is important in this busy world to do what we can to make each patient feel good and safe knowing that we care. I am proud that I follow NEMG's values and make a difference in patient's lives.”

Sarah DeRosa, referral coordinator
Northeast Medical Group
Primary Care

23 Clara Drive, Suite 203

“I believe to truly and effectively help our patients we must connect with them, listen to them, understand them and fight for them. Working in healthcare most of my life, this is something I have never wavered from. Every patient's needs are different, each patient is walking a path we may never understand. And just as we must uphold a level of professionalism, we also must be able to humble ourselves and put ourselves on the other side. I am thankful for my journey at Northeast Medical Group thus far, and I'm thankful to work with clinicians and staff that uphold that same value.”

Erica Pinter, patient services
Northeast Medical Group
Pulmonary Medicine
5 Perryridge Road

“My experience with Northeast Medical Group has been extremely positive. I have had the pleasure of working with brilliant physicians and staff, who highlight my personality and have allowed me to shine brightly in my department. NEMG's commitment to excellence through outstanding patient care and service continues to impress me. Their dedication to keeping the community involved through outreach programs and external events has proven very helpful and successful. The equality and diversity that Northeast Medical Group and Yale New Haven Health continuously show empowers me to give a thousand percent every day.”

Maria Russo, patient experience consultant
Northeast Medical Group
9 Washington Ave., 2nd Floor

“Many of us who serve in non-clinical roles are equally as committed to patient care and employee safety. When COVID-19 hit us, it placed a unique stress and strain on our employees. NEMG offered me an opportunity to fulfill a unique service by delivering much needed PPE supplies to our practices. It was an amazing experience visiting practices and connecting with our staff as our community life became so adversely affected. I now have a more profound appreciation for what our clinicians and staff risk every day to care for our patients. I am honored that I was part of the team whose critical mission was to deliver the much coveted PPE to our clinicians and staff no matter what; rain, shine or pandemic.”

Matt Matera, business development specialist
Northeast Medical Group
99 Hawley Lane

“I am proud to be a part of the Northeast Medical Group and work with the outstanding people here. I have the opportunity to work closely with our clinicians and various teams across the health system to ensure our patients have access to high quality coordinated care. Every day brings new opportunities to promote the work we do. Even during the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic, the respect, compassion and integrity demonstrated  by our people makes me proud to represent this organization.”

Michelle Maldonado, medical assistant
Northeast Medical Group
Internal Medicine
4A Devine Street
North Haven

“My passion has always been to help others. Every patient and their family must be treated with the utmost respect. We have to set an example to make sure they're safe and secure especially because some patients have nobody to advocate for them. It's an honor to work with a great team that inspires me to always be the best I can at delivering excellent patient care and compassion. Being nominated and winning this award is an honor.”

To nominate an employee, colleague or physician for a S.T.A.R. award, use this form or e-mail [email protected].