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Providers: Reminder about billing for advanced-care planning

Providers: Reminder about billing for advanced-care planning

Advanced-care planning is a service provided by physicians or advanced practice providers (APP) in which a discussion is held about end-of-life planning and/or code status.

This 30-minute, time-based service must meet the 50 percent mark (15 minutes or more) to be billed. Because this is a time-based service, you may not bill it without documenting time. Documentation does not need to include relevant records unless they are offered during the session. To bill for this service, the time you spend on advanced-care planning cannot be combined with any other services.

There is a co-pay for this service unless it is billed at the same episode as an AWV. In that case, the provider may offer this service and apply a 33 modifier, which makes it preventive, and no co-pay is charged.

Read the fact sheet for more information.