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New platform, new plan for Know Your Numbers Plus 2020 - Employee well-being program is underway  

know your numbers plus 

Like so many programs, Yale New Haven Health’s annual Know Your Numbers (KYN) Plus employee wellness and rewards program may look and feel a little different this year, but the goal remains the same – to give employees the knowledge and tools to enhance their personal health and well-being. KYN Plus 2020 launched in July and this year’s program is in full swing.

“With the stress caused by COVID-19, it’s more important than ever that we focus on our own health and well-being, and address any concerns,” said Kevin A. Myatt, senior vice president and chief human resources officer. “With this program, everyone benefits. Employees can improve their health and earn financial rewards, and a healthy workforce can help YNHHS ensure that our patients continue to receive the safe, extraordinary care for which we’re known and respected.”

By participating in KYN Plus, benefits-eligible employees hired on or before Aug. 30, 2020 can earn up to $500 credit toward their 2021 YNHHS medical benefits premiums.

Along with the launch of KYN Plus, the health system also introduced Virgin Pulse, YNHHS’ new online well-being portal, which replaces the Red Brick portal as the new platform for participation in KYN Plus.

“In addition to being the platform for KYN Plus, Virgin Pulse offers helpful tools and resources that can be used year-round to help employees thrive in work and life,” said Myatt.

Overview of KYN Plus 2020

  • New timeframe: This year’s KYN Plus program runs from July 6 to Oct. 9, 2020.
  • No screenings: To support social distancing, KYN Plus 2020 is virtual and will not include biometric screenings or preventive exams.
  • Virgin Pulse: To participate in KYN Plus, employees must enroll in the new Virgin Pulse Employee Well-being Portal and use the online platform to complete KYN personal choice activities and track earned credits.
  • Personal Choice Activities: KYN Plus 2020 includes up to three activities to help employees evaluate their overall health and address any areas of concern. This year’s choices: an online health assessment, an online resiliency appraisal and livingwell CARES health coaching.

Getting Started:
Step 1
If you have not already, enroll in the Virgin Pulse Employee Well-being Portal

All employees are encouraged to enroll in the Virgin Pulse Employee Well-being Portal and benefits-eligible employees will use the portal to participate in KYN.

Step 2
Complete Personal Choice Activities

YNHHS benefits-eligible employees must complete personal choice activities to earn up to $500 credit toward their 2021 YNHHS medical plan premium. Completing either of the online assessments will earn $250 credit each. Completing two virtual visits with a livingwell CARES health coach earns $500 credit. You may opt to do all three personal choice activities but will receive a maximum of $500 in premium credit. All employees (including those not currently enrolled in YNHHS benefits) should consider completing at least one personal choice activity to benefit from the knowledge provided.

  • Health Assessment ($250 credit): The health assessment is designed to help you consider your lifestyle choices, gives you a picture of your overall health and raises awareness about possible areas for improvement.
  • Resiliency Assessment ($250 credit): Resiliency is a skill that helps you adapt to change, bounce back from stress and find meaning in what you do. This assessment will help you understand your own resilience and take steps to enhance it.
  • Virtual health/wellness coaching by livingwell CARES ($500 credit): Health/wellness coaching can help you improve your health, take charge of your overall well-being or help you manage chronic health conditions. Employees must complete two sessions to fulfill this personal choice activity. Benefits-eligible employees may work with a wellness coach or care coordinator; other employees will work with a wellness coach. Coaching is currently being conducted by telephone or video. Coaching sessions occurring between Sept. 1, 2019 and Oct. 9, 2020 are eligible for credit. Call livingwell CARES at 888-533-3742 for an appointment.

Participation in KYN Plus is encouraged, but voluntary. Your privacy is important. Note that YNHHS’ vendor, Virgin Pulse, will only receive aggregated data about employees’ participation in KYN Plus. Your personal health information will be protected and kept private. By now, employees should have received a home mailing with details about this year’s program. In addition, Virgin Pulse sent an email to employees’ YNHHS account in early July with instructions on how to enroll and get started with the program. If you did not receive this email, you can still enroll by visiting

KYN Plus information is also available on the Infor Employee Space (click “Action Dashboard”); the NEMG intranet homepage; the Virgin Pulse portal; and the HRConnect benefits service center at or 844-543-2147.

The deadline to complete all Know Your Numbers activities is Friday, Oct. 9, 2020.