YNHHS commits to advance Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

Yale New Haven Health joins the growing coalition pledging to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. One of more than 600 CEOs that have come together for CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™, Marna Borgstrom, CEO, is committing to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By signing on to this commitment, YNHHS pledges to take action to cultivate a workplace where diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed and respected and where employees feel encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion.

To date, the more than 600 signatories have already shared more than 600 best known actions, exchanging tangible learning opportunities and creating collaborative conversations via the initiative’s electronic hub, CEOAction.com.

“Diversity and inclusion can be difficult issues to navigate, but if we avoid constructive conversation about our differences, communication deteriorates and productivity suffers,” said Lisette Martinez, chief diversity officer. “I am proud that Yale New Haven Health is committing to promoting a work environment where employees can openly address challenges, present opportunities, and share perspectives.”

CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ is cultivating a new type of network centered around collaboration and sharing. The actions, available via CEOAction.com, showcase real-life examples of open and transparent conversations to cultivate more diverse and inclusive workplace environments. The addition of new signatories expands the impact of this work beyond the office to communities and industries.