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Dr. Goldstein's Great Catch Corner - August 2019

Dr. Goldstein's Great Catch Corner - August 2019


Richard Goldstein, MD, vice president, chief medical officer, NEMG

This month, Richard Goldstein, MD, vice president, chief medical officer, NEMG recognizes staff nominated for the Great Catch Award from June – July 2019:

  • Ildiko Feinberg, LPN
  • Amanda Kirvan, patient coordinator
  • Deborah Swift, MA
  • Michelle Maldonado, MA
  • Maggie Shalagan, PHC
  • Ada Fasanella, MA
  • Victor Protsko, MA
  • Dzemila Ahmetovic, MA    
  • Harold Brokelschen, MA
  • Adamina Roman, RN
  • Emily Keane-Layman, nurse educator

“I would like to thank each nominee for their exceptional attention to detail and commitment to high-reliability practices,” said Dr. Goldstein. “It is your dedication to a culture of safety and situational awareness that allows NEMG to provide exceptional patient care to the communities we serve. It is a privilege for me to be able to acknowledge and recognize members of the NEMG team that truly exemplify outstanding behaviors and have such a positive impact on the patients we care for.”

The Great Catch Award is presented to someone who prevents a specific incident of patient harm or is responsible for a system change that lowers the risk for patient harm. Great Catches can be clinical or non-clinical.