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Mod Squad On Demand: A new spin on a trusted process

Mod Squad On Demand: A new spin on a trusted process

mod squad on demand 

The Mod Squad, led by Mike Connolly, MD, and Brian Williams, MD, returns to NEMG offices Oct. 28 with new and improved features. In addition to the previous workflows surrounding primary care and NEMG objectives, the Mod Squad will provide assistance with LEAN processes, and offer its services to specialty practices to explore workflow efficiencies. Additionally, visits are now being scheduled based on request. There is also the option of conducting Mod Squad on-demand visits in conjunction with the NEMG optimization team’s more in-depth process improvement engagement.

If the planning process indicates that a practice requires additional assistance outside of the Mod Squad’s two-day, team-based approach, a lengthier process improvement visit will be coordinated through operations. This revamp of the Mod Squad and merger with the process improvement engagement was the culmination of an SBAR exercise the Optimization team created to combine the positive aspects of both initiatives, while resolving lessons learned in other areas.

The Mod Squad on-demand team looks forward to working with NEMG practices to explore LEAN processes and workflow efficiencies. The first round of request submissions ended Aug. 30, but the remainder of this year’s requests will be accepted on a rolling basis. The request submission form is on the NEMG optimization SharePoint page under Mod Squad: New Request. Alternately, you can contact your optimization specialist for more information on submitting a Mod Squad visit request form.