Text outreach to YNHHS Medical Plan members

YNHHS offers innovative programs to support you and your loved ones in achieving health and wellness goals. One program available for YNHHS Medical Plan enrollees is the Emmi education program. The program provides interactive, educational videos that are easy to watch from a smart phone. Emmi is a longstanding trusted partner in education for YNHHS.
YNHHS Medical Plan enrollees, who have not opted-out of Emmi texts, should have recently received a text message from “YNHHS Medical Plan” (#88956). The text message links to the Emmi portal and a short video designed to support your overall health and well-being. (Note that when you log into the Emmi portal, you need to enter your birth date.)  

The latest video offers a two-minute breathing exercise to help with stress management. YNHHS Medical Plan enrollees who opted in to receiving text messages can look forward to additional short videos every few months from the YNHHS Medical Plan. Each features helpful information for managing your health.  

For questions about this program, email [email protected].