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Dr. Goldstein’s Great Catch Corner – First Quarter 2022

Richard Goldstein, MD, interim president, NEMG recognizes staff nominated for the Great Catch Award throughout the first quarter of 2022: 

  • Traci Marquis, MD
  • Michelle Maldonado, MA
  • Jessica Correa, PSA III
  • Cielo Lazaro, MA
  • Marissa Faretta, RN

“I would like to thank each nominee for their exceptional attention to detail and commitment to high-reliability practices,” said Dr. Goldstein. “It is your dedication to a culture of safety and situational awareness that allows NEMG to provide exceptional patient care to the communities we serve. It is a privilege for me to be able to acknowledge and recognize members of the NEMG team that truly exemplify outstanding behaviors and have such a positive impact on the patients we care for.” 

The Great Catch Award is presented to someone who prevents a specific incident of patient harm or is responsible for a system change that lowers the risk for patient harm. Great Catches can be clinical or non-clinical.