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Nursing professional governance at NEMG

Nursing professional governance at NEMG

nursing pro gov 

(l-r): Danielle Moody, BSN, RN, CCRN, Bridgeport Hospital; Deborah Kennealy, RN, NEMG; Donna Sandillo, RN, NEMG; Beth Beckman, DNSc, YNHHS; and Carrie Guttman, MSN, RN, NEMG

Nursing Professional Governance is a structure that empowers professional, direct-care nurses to contribute collaboratively on decisions about the nursing practice environment (UCDMC Nurse Practice Model). At YNHHS, Nursing Professional Governance provides the infrastructure and support necessary to place ownership and accountability for practice and its outcomes at the level of the clinical nurse.

In FY 2019, NEMG is joining YNHHS' hospital delivery networks on this journey. Deborah Kennealy, community practice RN, 4A Devine St., will represent NEMG nurses on the YNHHS Nursing Professional Governance Coordinating Council. On Nov. 28, she attended the Nursing Professional Governance onboarding event with Carrie Guttman, MSN, RN, NEMG nursing lead and quality manager. The event, attended by more than 275 nurses, included nurses from across the system.

Watch for updates and contact Deborah Kennealy, [email protected] or Carrie Guttman, [email protected] with feedback or ideas on improving the NEMG nursing practice environment.