Center for Geriatrics in Stratford hosts annual Caregiver Respite event

dr argento and patients 

Vivian Argento, MD and patients of NEMG's Center for Geriatrics in Stratford sing holiday songs together

On Dec. 8, staff from NEMG’s Center for Geriatrics in Stratford held their Winter Caregiver Respite event. The annual occasion is designed to support patients’ family members and caregivers, who have little time off, by giving them a four-hour block of time to do with as they wish.

Eight patients were dropped off at the Center for Geriatrics office, where staff treated them to sandwiches, cookies, coffee, hot chocolate and other snacks. Staff also worked with patients on craft projects, including decorating large Christmas cookies and pine cones and making fluffy snowmen out of socks. The event also featured holiday music played on guitar, along with a therapy dog.

“We know this event brings great joy to our patients and gives their caregivers a bit of time off, which for many is incredibly valuable,” said Brenda Renzulli, APRN. “It makes us all so happy,” said Kim Rinaldi, LCSW.