Telemedicine Visits

Nearly all of our sites are continuing to provide “virtual visits” by telephone or real-time video. We encourage you to call your clinician’s office to schedule a visit using the same office number you would typically use. Our office staff can assist you in scheduling and preparing for a visit by video or phone. Video or telephone visits are available with pediatricians, primary care clinicians and many specialists across all of Northeast Medical Group.

Here’s how:

  • Video visit: You can see and speak with your provider using your smartphone or tablet. To participate in a video visit, you will need to have an active MyChart account and the MyChart app on your device. Our clinicians find that when they see you by video, they can tell a lot about how you are doing, and patients have reported video visits help them feel connected. These links can help you prepare for a visit using MyChart:
  • Phone visit: All of our sites offer visits by telephone. Call your clinician’s office to schedule an appointment if connecting by video is not possible.

Annual Wellness Visits (for our patients with Medicare and Medicare Advantage)

  • Due to the COVID-19 crisis, for the safety of our patients and others, we are currently not providing in-person visits for routine care.
  • If you have coverage through traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage, we encourage you to schedule your annual wellness visit via video. It is important to monitor and manage your health, refill prescriptions, address preventive health needs and discuss any new health concerns. This service is covered with no co-payments.
  • You will need an active MyChart account and the MyChart app on your smart phone or tablet for a video visit. Our staff is happy to help you get started.
  • As part of your annual wellness visit, your clinician is likely to speak with you about advance care planning.