Concerned about a compliance or regulatory issue? Here’s how to report it

Yale New Haven Health System’s Corporate Compliance Office offers several options for reporting potential compliance or regulatory issues involving patients, employees, outside vendors and others.

Issues that may be reported to Corporate Compliance include potential improper billing, discrimination, harassment, mishandling patient information, conflicts of interest, improper use of YNHHS computers or other equipment, workplace safety or other situations that place an employee, patient or the health system at risk.

Employees may report concerns by contacting:
  • Their direct supervisor
  • A higher level of management
  • Human Resources if the issue involves concerns such as work conditions, discrimination, harassment, theft or abuse of property or personal security.
  • The YNHHS Compliance Office (203-688-8416), or [email protected]

To report concerns anonymously, employees may use the Compliance Hotline (1-888-688-7744) or visit the Corporate Compliance/Privacy website: The hotline is outsourced to an independent company with trained professionals available to speak to employees. The hotline is not set up for caller ID and cannot trace calls; however employees may choose to identify themselves to provide information that might help an investigation.

Those who contact the hotline via phone or online will receive a case number and call-back date so they can find out if action has been taken; however, the details on investigations and their outcomes are always confidential.

YNHHS has a non-retaliation policy for reporting, which means that employees who report concerns in good faith will be held accountable for any of their own wrong-doing but cannot be harassed or retaliated against. Employees should report any retaliation to their supervisor, another manager, the Compliance Office or Compliance Hotline.

For more information about Compliance and reporting, go to the Office of Privacy and Corporate Compliance on the intranet.