Three reasons employees should choose YNHHS facilities for basic lab and radiology tests

Competitive rates. For blood-drawing and lab work, employees (and covered family members) only pay a $30 co-pay, with no deductible. YNHHS outpatient radiology services offer rates that are competitive with other commercial centers. Radiology services are subject to deductibles and co-pay.

Clinical Continuity. Keeping diagnostic testing in the YNHHS “family” also keeps healthcare dollars in the system. That’s important as we face Medicaid and Medicare cuts, the threat of new or higher taxes, and other financial challenges. In addition to financial advantages, the information collected at each visit is recorded in Epic so your provider can see it immediately and you can access it whenever you want through MyChart.

Convenience. With 48 blood draw locations and 31 radiology sites throughout Connecticut, lab and radiology services are close to where you work or live. YNHHS sites accept forms from other providers. You don’t need an appointment for X-ray or screening mammography. For lab and outpatient radiology services, select locations have extended their weekday hours and are now open on Saturdays.