Third quarter S.T.A.R. winners

 Tammy Bendler Andrea Leandres David Mazzariello

Tammy Bendler, LPN; Andrea Leandres, LPN; and David Mazzariello, operations manager

Congratulations to the winners of our third-quarter Special Thanks And Recognition awards, which honor employees whose behaviors align with Yale New Haven Health's Standards of Professional Behavior.

Tammy Bendler, LPN
Northeast Medical Group
Primary Care

194 Howard Street
New London

“In the busy, hectic world we all live in today, it is so important to take the time and ensure every patient’s concerns are heard. A soft voice and a gentle touch to a patient’s hand can go a long way in making them feel more relaxed and secure in their care. Only good things can come from an organization, such as Northeast Medical Group, that works together as a whole to ensure the patient feels they are receiving the best possible care. ”

Andrea Leandres, LPN
Northeast Medical Group
Ear, Nose and Throat

888 White Plains Road

“A patient can go through a rollercoaster ride of events with their health; starting with a simple annual wellness visit, to a serious medical event or diagnosis, to the end of life. No matter what the event may be, it is important to treat each and every patient with respect and dignity, provide them support and have compassion. As a nurse working with NEMG, I am proud to say I follow their values and happy that I make a difference in our patient’s lives.”

David Mazzariello, Operations Manager
Northeast Medical Group

“Northeast Medical Group has provided me with the opportunity to meet and work with an exceptional group of clinicians and staff. Their dedication to patient-centered care and service excellence has been an inspiration. Through our mission of enhancing the health and wellness of those we serve and commitment to community involvement, we are well positioned to deliver value for years to come. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by individuals who embody the vision, mission and values that are Yale New Haven Health System.”

To nominate an employee, colleague or physician for a S.T.A.R. award, use this form or e-mail [email protected].