Release of laboratory and radiology results via MyChart

With the development of electronic medical records, patients expect to see their medical information via patient portals, such as Epic’s MyChart portal. Community practitioners who are not on Epic but send their patients to a Yale New Haven Health provider, including laboratory and radiology providers, should be aware that patients will be able to access results via MyChart. No practitioner action is required to release these results.

The current release strategy for laboratory and radiology results is:

  • Immediate release: point-of-care testing, most basic hematology and chemistry testing (CBC, BMP, CMP and components), cultures and other infectious disease testing that may indicate a need for antibiotic treatment or infection transmission precautions
  • Three business days release: most standard lab tests not noted above
  • Seven business days release: sensitive blood tests such as tumor markers, genetic testing, flow cytometry, pathology and radiology results
  • HIV testing is subject to legal requirements for release and is not shared via MyChart

Additional billing and patient care information generated by participating Epic providers, along with ambulatory and inpatient information related to services at a YNHHS facility, will also be available.