NEMG launches Diversity and Inclusion Council

NEMG launches Diversity and Inclusion Council

The recently launched Northeast Medical Group Diversity and Inclusion Council comprises employees from across all of NEMG’s practice regions who lead, organize, inform and directly sustain the diversity and inclusion system strategy. The group supports the health system’s efforts to build inclusive cultures, develop practical tools and create a forum for sharing experiences with peers. Members also provide focus on initiatives throughout the organization, engage in discussions and serve as role models by demonstrating the Standards of Professional Behavior.

Prathibha Varkey, MBBS, NEMG president and CEO was named executive sponsor of the council. She will provide senior leadership support and solutions to barriers, advocate for the council and its work and assist with budget resources.

All diversity and inclusion councils will develop action plans addressing three main objectives:

  • Education and awareness: Ensuring staff is culturally competent and proficient to serve Yale New Haven Health System’s increasingly diverse patient and employee populations.
  • Talent management : Partner with Talent Acquisition to recruit, promote and retain a highly skilled workforce that reflects the communities we serve.
  • Community engagement: Engage patients, families and physicians to increase Yale New Haven Health's presence and partnerships in the community.

“Active participation on the council gives employees the opportunity to learn about themselves and others,” said Maria Alicea, diversity and inclusion consultant. “Through education and awareness, we learn tools and techniques that help us look at issues and experiences from different perspectives, challenge our biases to improve and enhance work relationships and maximize employee development, patient and family satisfaction and health outcomes. My hope is that all of us working together can build and sustain an inclusive work culture of ‘think, believe and do’ while embracing and respecting our differences. Diversity and inclusion are everyone’s responsibility and all of us working together will succeed in creating organizational change.”

“This new partnership will give everyone on the NEMG Community Outreach Committee an opportunity to branch out into an entirely different arena,” said Robert Mitchell, practice operations manager and NEMG Diversity and Inclusion Council co-chair. “Diversity and inclusion is a core priority. It is something we are all committed to in order to make a real culture change and create an environment where people are embraced and engaged rather than just tolerated.”

Participation on the council is voluntary and open to all Yale New Haven Health System employees. The only requirements are that employees must be employed for at least six months and be in good standing, with no written warnings. Interested employees should inform their immediate supervisors, managers or directors. Managers will be asked to complete an approval form and email it to [email protected].

Membership commitment entails:

  • A minimum two-year term
  • Attendance at monthly meetings
  • At least 60% participation in meetings and events