Cheryl Tyrell wins Great Catch Award

Cheryl Tyrell wins Great Catch Award

Congratulations to Cheryl Tyrell, from Northeast Medical Group Family Medicine in Centerbrook, CT, for being this quarter’s Great Catch Award winner.

Cheryl was scheduling an appointment for a patient when she noticed that the same person was slated to have a procedure done at the end of that week with another provider. Cheryl wished the patient luck, but the patient was unaware of any upcoming appointments or procedures.

Cheryl questioned this and, using the STAR technique (Stop, Think, Act, Review), she took the time to call the other provider's office, with Clarifying Questions regarding the scheduled appointment, and indeed, they had booked the wrong patient.

A "Great Catch" is defined as an action that prevented a specific incident of patient harm or resulted in a system change that lowered risk for patient harm. It can be clinical or non-clinical. Below are just a few examples of the success stories we want to hear about:

  • Switched specimens or test results that were caught before handing off
  • Scheduling errors caught before the patient arrived at the office
  • Protected patient information that may have been compromised
  • An incorrect order that was caught before being placed into the medical record or obtaining/administering (tests, medications, dosages, procedures, sites, etc.) that was corrected before reaching the patient
  • Patient mix-up causing wrong tests to be ordered or the wrong patient brought into exam room, corrected before acting upon

To share a safety story of your own, or a colleague's, and be considered for the Great Catch award, send an email to [email protected] or submit it through the RL Solutions reporting system.

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Great Catch
Back Row (l-r): Nicole Hunt, MA; Stephanie Erb, MA; Sarah Gerritz, MD; Karen Pawelek, APRN; Jean Noyes, practice supervisor. Front Row (l-r): Shannon Daros, MA; Cheryl Tyrell, PSA; Tina Leese, PSA.