Why is it important to be part of EPIC's care team?

Each patient has a very specific care team listed in Epic (PCPs, APRNs, PAs, specialists, nutritionists, social workers, pharmacists, etc.). Health care leaders involved in measuring patient quality metrics have become acutely aware of Epic’s care team, along with terms such as patient attribution. Clinically, this is especially important to care providers. With that said, why is it important to be part of Epic’s care team?

Once listed on Epic’s care team, clinicians will receive notification through ADT when their patients are admitted, discharged or transferred from a hospital, and will receive notes and letters from referring and primary care clinicians, promoting continuity of care. Epic’s care team list helps you easily find your patients’ primary care clinicians or other specialists without a full chart review. Additionally, you will be able to refer to other clinicians by name during the visit and easily copy them on your notes, lab orders or “staff messages” to clarify care plans. You will start to feel like part of a team taking care of your patients.

Another reason to maintain an accurate list of the care team is that all clinicians are responsible for patient quality of care and healthcare expenditure for the various disease states. Quality is measured through diverse metrics: various age groups, disease states, and in some cases gender specific. Some metrics are shared between primary care and various specialties. The data on these metrics are kept in a registry to be accessed when needed for quality reporting related to performance incentive bonuses, shared savings programs and in some instances marketing strategies. If a clinician is not listed or attributed to the care team, that data cannot be accessed.

As a leader in health care, NEMG would like to identify clinicians who deliver high-quality care and outcomes. Patient attribution, ensuring you are listed on the care team, is a sound way to make sure your performance is recognized, and can be used to market our healthcare team to our patients and our payers. As consumers of care, many of us ask “who are the best quality clinicians for our personal health?” Please make sure you are listed on the care team. If you do not know how, please ask your Epic super user or optimization specialist, your regional medical director or contact Kathleen Bonaventura at [email protected].