Jennifer Shea wins Great Catch Award

Jennifer Shea wins Great Catch Award

Great Catch

(l-r) Belinda J. Chan, MD; Donna Fontana-Bennett, MA; Jennifer Shea, MA; Linda Massey, MA; Diane Donohue, APRN

Congratulations to Jennifer Shea, NEMG Internal Medicine, Branford, for being this year’s first quarter Great Catch Award winner.

Jennifer answered a call from a patient who thought she was having a reaction to a new medication. The patient said she felt fatigued, and her husband had noticed a slight facial droop that had started about a week before. The patient sounded as if she were slurring her words, so Jennifer had another staff member listen to the patient. The patient’s husband got on the call and said his wife was not the same person lately. After reviewing the signs of stroke, Jennifer alerted the doctor, who took over the call, assessed the patients’ symptoms and referred her to the emergency department. The patient was ultimately diagnosed with a brain tumor, had surgery within 48 hours of the initial phone call to the office and is now being treated by an oncologist. Jennifer’s experience and intuition helped this patient begin her journey to the treatment and care she urgently needed.

A Great Catch is an action that prevents a specific incident of patient harm or results in a system change that lowers the risk for patient harm. Great Catches can be clinical or non-clinical and may include:

  • Switched specimens or test results that were caught before handing off
  • Scheduling errors – caught before patient coming to office
  • Protected patient information that may have been compromised
  • An incorrect order caught before being put into the medical record, or tests, medications, dosages, procedures, sites, etc. that were caught before being obtained/administered to the patient
  • A patient mix-up that caused wrong tests to be ordered or wrong patient brought into exam room – corrected before being acted on

To share your own or a colleague’s safety story for the Great Catch award, email the information to [email protected] or submit through the RL Solutions reporting system.