Bridgeport float team recognized for outstanding support

Bridgeport Float Team

(l-r) Jessica Monteiro, LPN; Neilly Moreno, PSA2; Latoyia Dear, RMA; Tahila Williams, MA, clinical super user; Thomas Andrukevich, RMA, clinical super user; Vivian Enabulele, MA; Laura Solheim, float coordinator, CCMA, clinical super user

This past fall, four float medical assistants took on the role of float clinical super users, supporting 28 practices in the Bridgeport region.

Laura Solheim, Thomas Andrukevich, Tahila Williams and Wiltora Stanley completed super-user training, introduced themselves to their assigned locations and made rounds to each of their sites, reviewing super-user training with the clinical teams.

The float clinical super users have teamed up with Epic Optimization for more in depth training and serve as liaisons between the Epic Optimization team and clinicians who are using Epic to get clinical questions answered.

Laura Solheim was promoted to float coordinator, responsible for float requests, schedules and training. She holds monthly float team meetings to review super user feedback and solicit and discuss ideas and suggestions. The float team identifies and works together to resolve issues to ensure a better work experience and continually improve their service and support to the Bridgeport practices.

The float team plans to expand the super user program to all float staff and will undergo more training to assist practices in areas such as maintaining referral WQs and health maintenance. The team consists of eight float MAs, one float LPN, one float PSA2 and one float coordinator serving the Bridgeport Region.

Stephanie Finelli, MA, phlebotomist
Tahila Williams, MA, clinical super user
Wiltora Stanley, MA, clinical super user
Vivian Enabulele, CCMA
Thomas Andrukevich, RMA, clinical super user
Tenisha Blakey, CMA
Latoyia Dear, RMA
Tiffany Hamilton, CMA
Neilly Moreno, PSA2
Jessica Monteiro, LPN
Laura Solheim, float coordinator, CCMA, clinical super user