Tap and Go rollout continues to expand across YNHHS

The Tap and Go rollout continues to spread across Yale New Haven Health. Cluster four was the latest phase to be completed and clusters five through nine have been scheduled throughout the remainder of the year. Below is the planned timeline along with a legend of the locations. The rollout strategy is based on clinical areas with high patient volume and numerous providers documenting in those areas.

The Tap and Go functionality was designed to help physicians and clinical staff save both time and effort. This technology allows a login to be accomplished by tapping your YNHHS or YSM ID badge onto a clinical workstation badge reader, sending your login directly to Epic.

The average clinician types their password about 35 times a day. Tap and Go saves clinicians about ten minutes a day. Every eight hours, typically the first login of a shift, each clinician will need to type his or her password. After that, the system will remember the password for the next eight hours, eliminating the need to retype it again.

Tap and Go Timeline

Tap and Go Cluster Locations Legend