NEMG Safety Corner - emergency preparedness

NEMG community practice locations: remember to phone 9-1-1 for any life-threatening event and become familiar with your location’s site-specific emergency-evacuation and fire-evacuation procedures. NEMG community practices located within a hospital facility should follow emergency procedures for that campus. Here are some helpful reminders for your work location:

  • Establish primary and secondary evacuation routes
  • In case of a fire, identify a safe zone away from fire and smoke where everyone can gather, and a process for ensuring that everyone has evacuated
  • Prepare a list of emergency contacts (primary and secondary) for all employees in your location and keep in a central location. Update the list annually and whenever new employees join your location
  • Provide a safety and emergency preparedness site tour when orienting new employees
  • Maintain an updated floor plan for your location with the appropriate evacuation route(s)