Family Medicine in Westport completes Lean Process Improvement project

Family Medicine in Westport completes Lean Process Improvement project

lean process improvement westport

(l-r): David Scagliarini, practice operations manager; Steven Benaderet, MD; Amanda Zygmant, APRN; Cambria Sammartano, practice optimization specialist; Marisa Lord, MA; Deanna Mucherino, MA; Marie Armstrong, PSA

Family Medicine in Westport is the latest practice to complete the Lean Process Improvement project. Special thanks to Cambria Sammartano, practice optimization specialist, for spending many hours at the practice getting the staff up to speed with Epic functionality and workflows. Both the optimization and practice operation teams improved and standardized workflows and realigned roles and responsibility of staff, which helped with provider work overload. During the optimization process, the following improvements were implemented:

  • Pre-visit planning was applied and standardized. 
  • Outreach for health maintenance items increased some of the practice’s corporate objectives including: an increase in the scheduling and completion of annual wellness visits, diabetic eye exams and fall risk screenings.
  • Front desk staff began calling patients in advance of appointments to reduce the no-show rate.
  • The collection of care team data was added at the front desk. 

“Process improvement has made our office a dream in efficiency,” said Steven Benaderet, MD. “Our ability to serve our patients has improved in both our availability to them as well as our ability to manage their present and future healthcare needs.” “Our improved efficiency has made our physicians and staff happier in the workplace and it’s been great to see the team working in harmony.”