Community Outreach Committee sponsors Pickleball tournament in Groton

Pickleball Tournament Group Photo

(l-r): Rachel Branch, MA; Kimberley Abell, clinical practice optimization specialist; Sonia Stavens, LPN; and Kelli Lacey, RN

On May 12, members of Northeast Medical Group’s Community Outreach Committee (COC), in conjunction with the Groton Senior Center, sponsored a pickleball tournament at Fitch Middle School in Groton. A total of 40 players, divided into teams of two, participated in the event which served as a precursor to the following week’s regional tournament in Middletown. NEMG was represented by players Sue Vinchesi and her husband Mark.

The COC donated a new net for the event, medals for tournament winners and bags for each player that included a t-shirt, snacks, water and player’s bracelet. Special thanks go to Sonia Stavens, Kimberley Abell, Alberto Charles, Peggy Pellet, Kelli Lacey, Rachel Branch, Dana Vendetto, Erin Sabilia and Tajee Julius.