Wiltora Stanley wins Great Catch Award

Wiltora Stanley from Northeast Medical Group Rheumatology in Trumbull was the second quarter's Great Catch Award winner.

A patient's spouse entered the ambulatory center requesting information about his wife's medical condition. Wiltora noticed the spouse's demeanor was anxious and agitated. She looked into the patient's chart and, even though the spouse was listed on the patient's HIPAA authorization, she still felt uncomfortable. The spouse began to yell but, using her "critical thinking skills," Wiltora noted that the situation was unusual. Using the CHAMP tools, she "practiced a questioning attitude" and calmly informed the spouse that the Medical Records department would need 24 hours to retrieve the information.

Wiltora immediately ARCC'd (Ask, Request, Communicate/Concern, Chain of Command) the situation up to her practice coordinator who reached out to the patient. The patient stated that she and her husband were in the process of divorcing, and she had a restraining order against him. The patient updated her HIPAA form and contacted the police.

Great catch, Wiltora, for practicing and accepting a questioning attitude.

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