Engagement survey results rolling out across YNHHS

Engagement survey results rolling out across YNHHS

Leaders across Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS) are beginning to share the 2017 employee engagement survey results and overall, they are very positive.

"At NEMG and System-wide, survey participation and employee engagement increased," said Kevin A. Myatt, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. "There was improvement in areas identified as opportunities on prior surveys, reflecting our attention to employees' valuable feedback."

While your manager will discuss your work unit's results, here is an organization-wide overview.

  • 64.2% of all NEMG employees, including 85.7% of the community-based staff, took the survey, exceeding PIP maximum goals! System-wide, 77.1% of employees participated.
  • 44.0% of all NEMG employees are "engaged," an increase of almost 8% from 2016. Across YNHHS, 45.3% of employees are "engaged," also up from 2016.

Comparing NEMG's 2016 and 2017 survey results:

  • Engagement increased above benchmark for many of NEMG's largest job roles, including Patient Service Associates (+7.9%) and Medical Assistants (+2.9%). Engagement for staff in these roles as well as other job roles not cited here are above national benchmarks.
  • Physician engagement increased by more than 9% and is above national benchmarks. Engagement for advanced practice nurses and physician assistants also increased slightly.
  • Work since the 2016 survey led to improvement in the areas of belief in the YNHHS mission, staffing, giving back to the community, job/skills match, pay, communications, promotional opportunities, and employee safety.

Employees identified benefits, promotional opportunities, manageable workload, and availability of needed equipment as NEMG strengths, with results exceeding national benchmarks. Opportunities include communications, recognition, giving back to the community, support from co-workers, on-the-job training, and personal and professional values alignment. Most of these areas have seen improvement over the last two surveys. The most significant, giving back to the community, is up 17.5% since 2015.

"The high-quality care our clinicians and staff provide every day and their engagement is at the center of NEMG's success," said Prathibha Varkey, MBBS, president and CEO of Northeast Medical Group. "I'm thrilled to see such positive results in this year's NEMG staff engagement survey. We will continue to work on addressing identified opportunities to make NEMG the number one choice for patients and providers seeking high-value healthcare."

"Over the summer, action planning will begin at each organization level. Simultaneously, leaders will continue to work on areas like employee safety, staffing and communications that impact our colleagues across the System," Myatt said. "Collectively, these efforts support our continued commitment to remain your employer of choice and provide a professionally rewarding work environment."