Re-badging update for Westerly and L+M Hospital delivery networks

Re-badging update for Westerly and L+M Hospital delivery networks

The system-wide rebadging initiative is moving into the Westerly, and L+M regions, according to the following schedule:

  • The Westerly delivery network is currently underway and scheduled to last until the end of February. 
  • The L+M delivery network is scheduled to start its re-badging process in March.

In preparation for re-badging, please make sure that if you have a preferred name, you must make the adjustment in ESS and your manager must approve it. All preferred names must be approved before you get a new badge.

A few important facts to know:

  • Everyone must get a new picture taken – no exceptions.
  • No changes to your title or name can be made at the time of rebadging.
  • Do not attach anything to your badge. No stickers or other badges.
  • Your name and title must be visible on both sides of the badge.
  • If you miss badging in your area, we will work with you to make sure you get a new badge.
  • We will start rebadging at the main hospital, then move to off-sites.
  • Please direct any questions to the hospital’s local security team.

Please watch for more information about the re-badging process.