Patient Experience Award recipients honored

Megan Watts St. Germain

(l-r): Patrick Green, CEO; Megan Watts St. Germain, inpatient APRN; Denise Fiore, COO; Oliver Mayorga, CMO

Intensive Outpatient Program

(l-r): Patrick Green, CEO; Kathy Nichols, APRN; Meg Gushurst, Patient Services Specialist II; MaryAnn Milltte, LPC; Natalie Porter, LPC; Robin Dana, LPC; Elizabeth Passero, Care Coordinator; Denise Fiore, COO; Oliver Mayorga, CMO

Not pictured: Elizabeth Asis, LPC

Northeast Medical Group behavioral health providers were recognized with Patient Experience Awards. Megan Watts-St. Germain, inpatient APRN, won the Platinum award; and the following members of the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) won the Gold award: Kathy Nichols, APRN, IOP; Elizabeth Asis, LPC, IOP; Robin Dana, LPC, IOP; MaryAnn Milltte, LPC, IOP; and Natalie Porter, LPC, IOP.