Community PIP Goals

NEMG Community Performance Incentive Plan (PIP)

Fiscal Year 2018 Goals
As a follow-up to an outstanding performance fiscal year 2017, Northeast Medical Group (NEMG) is pleased to announce its Community Performance Incentive Plan (PIP) for fiscal year 2018. We have made some exciting changes to the categories this year (see new categories below) as our focus moves to goals designed to address improvements in the health of our patients. The Community PIP plan will work the same way, with employees asked to meet collective tiered goals and, if they achieve these goals, will receive a financial reward. To the degree employees meet these goals, determines the size of the reward. The maximum target exceeds expectations, target meets the goal and threshold is acceptable, but falls short of target.
Eligibility requirements for the Community PIP financial reward remain the same. Staff must be employed by NEMG as a community-based employee at the time of payout; and must be:
  • In an eligible position on the last day of the fiscal year;
  • Actively employed or on an approved leave of absence on the actual date of any award payment;
  • Have worked at least 1,000 hours; and
  • Not participating in any other incentive, bonus or quality plan/program.
    • Please note: Physicians will follow their individual compensation plans and are not eligible for PIP.

NEMG employees that are associated with a hospital (hospital-based) or the health system (HSC) will follow the corresponding hospital or HSC PIP structure. For information concerning hospital or HSC PIP, please contact the NEMG HR department.

For questions clarifying if you are in the community or hospital-based practice in NEMG, feel free to contact your manager or look up the same in Employee Self Service (ESS) on your My Info summary.

In 2018, eligible employees can earn up to a 3 percent Community PIP payout at the end of the year if all NEMG community goals are met. The 2018 Community PIP program began Oct. 1, 2017 and runs through Sept. 30, 2018. Payout is based on hours and earnings between Sept. 18, 2017 and Sept. 30, 2018.

New this year for NEMG Community Managers is an Employee Engagement Index goal which has a 12.5 percent weighting based on the manager's ability to influence engagement and inspire discretionary effort as reflected in the Employee Engagement Index score from the annual Employee Engagement Survey. The manager will have a max payout of 4 percent.

The four areas of performance in the Community PIP program are: Safety & Quality, Patient Experience, Employee Engagement, and Financial Performance. Each performance area receives an equal weight of 25 percent.

Safety & Quality (25%)

  • NEW!  Annual Wellness Visits (AWV)This is a measure to increase the percentage of primary care patients over the age of 65 years old that receive a comprehensive preventative visit or Annual Wellness Visit to improve patient care. (Target = 70%)

Patient Experience (25%)

  • Increase the physician "likelihood to recommend" score at Community Physician practices to meet patient expectations –It is a measure of the extent to which your patients say good things about your medical practice as a whole, not just the care provider. It is particularly important for larger medical practices within a health care system where the experience at one office can color the patient's and family's perceptions of the entire organization. (Target = 96.34%)

Employee Engagement (25%)

  • Employee engagement survey participation 12.5% (Staff) – Employees will again have the opportunity to share their opinions in the Employee Engagement Survey. The purpose of the survey is to measure the level of employee engagement with assessed factors involving a variety of areas such as pay and benefits, job role, training and development opportunities, work environment, and more. (Target = 86.7%)
  • NEW! Improve employee engagement index (Managers) – The employee engagement index measures employees' engagement with their jobs or day-to-day work. It is based on survey questions that assess factors such as the effort and enthusiasm they put into their daily activities. Managers are the most influential in employee engagement, and we are committed to improving the workplace. (Target = 5.19%)
  • Know Your Numbers (KYN) Health Screening Participation 12.5% – Know Your Numbers Plus, the employee wellness program that helps employees heighten their health awareness and earn credit toward the cost of their medical benefits, will again return in 2017. (Target = 91.0%)

Financial Performance (25%)

  • NEW! Clinical Continuity – Improve Clinical Continuity for NEMG patients by capturing accurate referral data in Epic. (Target = 25.0%)

Please review the chart that reflects the categories, measures and targets set for FY2018.

  Performance Level  
Threshold Target Max
Objective and Weight - Safety & Quality (25%) 50% 75% 100% Actual Results Result Key
Increase the percentage of primary care patients over age 65 years old that receive a comprehensive preventive visit or Annual Wellness Visit to improve patient care 65% (+381 patients per month) 70% (+857 patients per month) 75% (+1332 patients per month)    
Objective and Weight - Patient Experience (25%)
Increase the likelihood to recommend score in Community Physician practices to meet patient expectations 96.30% 96.34% 96.38%    
Objective and Weight - Employee Engagement** (25%)
Employee engagement survey participation-Staff (12.5%)
[Corporate Objective Goals]
Improve employee engagement index-Managers (12.5%)*
[Corporate Objective Goals]
Know Your Numbers Plus Participation (12.5%) 90% 91.0% 93.0%    
Objective and Weight - Financial Performance (25%)
Improve Clinical Continuity for NEMG patients by capturing accurate referral data in Epic 15.0% 25.0% 45.0%    

As a final note, please look for announcements and your invitation to participate in the annual Employee Engagement Survey in the coming months.

We look forward to working together to be the number one medical group in providing high value healthcare!

Peter Logue, FACHE
Vice President, Operations
Yale New Haven Health | Northeast Medical Group
Phone: 203-502-6510
Email: [email protected]

Madeline Martinez, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Sr. Manager, Human Resources
Yale New Haven Health |Northeast Medical Group
Phone: 203-200-3424
Email: [email protected]