New mandate and technology scheduled for FY2018

New mandate and technology scheduled for FY2018

The Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances (EPCS) state mandate and Tap and Go technology have been scheduled for distribution throughout YNHHS now through FY2018.

This past Nov. 1, EPCS went live at the NEMG New London Physiatry site. This was a significant milestone, since it is the largest volume-prescribing site of controlled substances across the health system. The go-live occurred at 9:10 am, and by 9:30 am, four prescriptions for controlled substances had already been successfully transmitted.

The mandate requires all providers to electronically sign and transmit prescriptions for controlled substances (behavior-altering or addictive drugs whose possession and use are restricted by law). Due to DEA regulations, this directive also demands additional authentication beyond a password, therefore, providers will need to install and use Duo, a smartphone application to confirm they are signing the controlled substance prescription. The plan is to get all providers who write, on average, one controlled substance prescription per month, on EPCS by Jan. 1, 2018.

The Tap and Go functionality was recently introduced to help doctors save both time and effort. This technology allows a login to be accomplished by tapping your YNHHS or YSM ID badge onto a badge reader, sending your login directly to Epic.

The average clinician types their password about 35 times a day. Every eight hours – typically the first login of a shift, they will need to type their password. After that, the system will remember the password associated with an ID badge for the next eight hours, eliminating the need to retype it again. Look for this enhancement in 2018, on clinical machines throughout YNHHS.