Community Outreach Committee profile

Community Outreach Committee profile

(l-r): Robert Mitchell and Minister Mary Rose

Northeast Medical Group’s Community Outreach Committee (COC) began in 2015 as the result of an employee engagement survey. With tremendous support in its first year, the committee partnered with the Bridgeport Rescue Mission and the United States Marines to collect over 800 coats and 2,000 toys, respectively. Since then, additional efforts have provided books and backpacks for the youth of the New Haven, Bridgeport and Greenwich communities. 

This month, NEMG would like to profile two key members who have been instrumental in the growing success of this valued committee; Robert Mitchell, COC Chair and Minister Mary Rose.

Robert Mitchell is a practice operations manager for NEMG. His experience as former director for the Community Initiative at Brooklyn Hospital made him a terrific choice to serve as the chair of the NEMG COC.

When asked about the COC’s mission and what he attributes its success to, he said “We are committed to the health and wellness of our communities by giving and volunteerism. We encourage an open floor and listen to our committee members’ suggestions. Our organization is comprised of members from each region, and that collective mindset equals better results.”

In addition to her work as a medical assistant in Sleep Medicine at the Medical Office Building (MOB) in New London, CT, Mary Rose is also a licensed minister, under Bishop Benjamin Watts, at Shiloh’s Church in New London. Her commitment, guided by her faith, to help serve the needs of the people in her community has resulted in successful fundraisers in addition to outreach initiatives for supplies and food pantries. Most notably, over the past six years, she has led a coat collection that has grown substantially and been a tremendous help to the less fortunate. This year’s effort alone has accumulated over 100 coats and sweaters.

The COC will continue to carry out NEMG’s mission to help out the communities we serve. They are actively seeking new members to join the committee. If you are interested, please contact Robert Mitchell at 203-384-5109. Watch out for more information on their initiatives for 2018.