CEO Message: April 2018

Dear Colleagues:

Hope you are all doing well.

My gratitude to each of you who attended the recent NEMG All Clinicians Forum and Employee Town Halls. It was a wonderful opportunity to share more about what is happening at NEMG and to hear your ideas, and I would like to thank all of our presenters for their informative updates. Of note, this month, NEMG will be expanding our relationship with The Osborn Retirement Community, offering expanded medical services and onsite primary care and podiatry clinics to further enhance the care and well-being of its members.

April 1 marked the eighth year of NEMG and, as we continue to grow, focusing on our work environment, and our health becomes even more critical to our success, as we take care of our communities. Aligned with that emphasis, I would like to touch on the importance of three priorities focused on maintaining health and well-being:

  • Ensuring we have a strong relationship with a primary care provider
  • The livingwellCARES program
  • The Employee and Family Resource (EFR) program

It is important for all of us to maintain a strong connection with a primary care provider who coordinates our care, and ensures we have a source for guidance and advice. Supported by our launch of a preferred primary care network, employees and dependents enrolled in our YNHHS medical benefit now have a reduced co-pay for their primary care visits with NEMG and select system clinicians.

The livingwellCARES program is available to all YNHHS employees and their adult dependents currently covered under our YNHHS benefit plan. Working with a nurse care coordinator and/or a health coach, they are supported with self-care measures, using a holistic approach, to help coordinate care across the continuum, building autonomy and accountability. The program addresses barriers to behavior change and lifestyle modifications, collaborates with health care providers, educates participants on appropriate utilization patterns and increases access to internal resources. Additionally, enrolled employees will receive reduced or waived co-pays on certain medications and supplies.

The Employee and Family Resource (EFR) program also supports employees by providing access to a number of health and well-being-related services, such as work-life resources and referrals, confidential counseling, legal and financial support, web portal resources, and workplace support services. Learn more about the EFR program.

I would also like to highlight that April 23-27 is National Patient Experience Week. This annual celebration honors the efforts and accomplishments of our health care staff who impact the patient experience every day. Thank you all for your diligent work and dedication to providing our patients with the most exceptional experience possible.

Best wishes,

Prathibha Varkey, MBBS, MPH, MHPE, MBA
President and Chief Executive Officer
Northeast Medical Group